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10/2/02 Monkey Planet Pierre Boulle
Feb. 02 The Mother; The Yes-sayer; The No-sayer Bertold Brecht
7/3/02 Oppression and Liberty Simone Weil
23/6/02 A Beautiful Mind Sylvia Nasar
26/7/02 The Football Factory John King
10/8/02 Song Quest Katherine Roberts
10/8/02 Holes Louis Sachar
12/8/02 Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas Hunter S. Thompson
20/8/02 Regeneration Pat Barker
24/8/02 Cave in the Snow Viki Mackenzie
3/11/02 The Child in Time Ian McEwan
28/9/02 Snow Falling on Cedars David Guterson
11/12/02 Globalization Wayne Ellwood
15/12/02 If This Is A Man Primo Levi