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6/1/04 Selected Poems S. Mallarme
19/1/04 Quantum Jim Al-Khalili
28/1/04 Wittgenstein, Grammar and God Alan Keightley
14/2/04 Shadowmancer G. P. Taylor
17/2/04 You Don’t Know Me David Klass
19/2/04 Stargirl Jerry Spinelli
28/2/04 Martyn Pig Kevin Brooks
31/3/04 Teach Yourself Islam Ruqaiyyah Maqsood
3/4/04 Zapatista Stories Subcomandante Marcos
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Socialism as a Practical Alternative SPGB
Marxism and Darwinism Anton Pannekoek
Socialist Principles Explained SPGB
From Capitalism to Socialism SPGB
Marxism Revisited SPGB
7/4/04 Che Guevara Andrew Sinclair
9/4/04 Some Aspects of Marxian Economics SPGB
9/4/04 How We Live and How We Might Live William Morris
12/4/04 The Market System Must Go SPGB
13/4/04 Ecology and Socialism SPGB
19/4/04 Chasing Che Patrick Symmes
22/4/04 The Next Learning System Roland Meighan
25/4/04 Guerrilla Warfare Che Guevara
8/5/04 How The Gods Were Made John Keracher
9/5/04 The Right to be Lazy Paul Lafargue
27/5/04 The Fermata Nicholson Baker
9/6/04 Island Aldous Huxley
9/6/04 Marx in his Own Words Ernst Fischer
11/6/04 Nothingness or the Unbearable Absence of Being Jack Keelan
17/6/04 All the Pretty Horses Cormac McCarthy
18/6/04 Damage Limitation Roland Meighan
5/7/04 The SCUM Manifesto Valerie Solonas
8/7/04 The Unabomber Manifesto
10/7/04 Are We Prisoners of Our Genes? SPGB
4/8/04 Selected Poems (ed. Colin Falck) Robinson Jeffers
16/8/04 Refusing to be a Man John Stoltenberg
3/9/04 The Catcher in the Rye J. D. Salinger
13/9/04 Engels and the Origins of Human Society Chris Harman
20/9/04 A Mind for Murder Alston Chase
25/10/04 And Now You Can Go Vendela Vida
31/10/04 Bolshevism (Redline pamphlet) Rudolf Sprenger
6/11/04 Fifty Strong (Anthology) various
11/12/04 Socialism in the 21st Century (Socialist / Militant) Hannah Sell
22/12/04 The Fifth Discipline Peter M. Senge
26/12/04 The Story of V Catherine Blackledge
31/12/04 Spiritual Intelligence Danah Zohar & Ian Marshall