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12/1/06 A Short Practice of Green Tara Lama Zopa Rinpoche and Lama Thubten Yeshe
14/1/06 Zen is Eternal Life Roshi Jiyu Kennett
26/1/06 Christian Monasticism David Knowles
4/2/06 Box Lunch Diana Cage
22/2/06 Terrorists or Freedom Fighters? Best and Nocella (eds.)
17/3/06 Empty Cages Tom Regan
15/4/06 The Hidden Face Ida Friederike Görres
17/4/06 The Case For Animal Rights Tom Regan
29/4/06 An Autobiography Gandhi
8/6/06 Let the Trumpet Sound Stephen B. Oates
12/6/06 Other Voices, Other Rooms Truman Capote
29/6/06 We Need to Talk about Kevin Lionel Shriver
13/7/06 Middlesex Jeffry Eugenides
14/7/06 Vox Nicholson Baker
18/7/06 Londonstani Gautam Malkani
24/7/06 The Defender Alan Gibbons
27/7/06 A Crime in the Neighbourhood Suzanne Berne
29/7/06 Jacob’s Ladder Brian Keaney
6/8/06 The Sopranos Alan Warner
11/8/06 Boy2Girl Terence Blacker
13/8/06 The Last Taboo Bali Rai
18/8/06 Fat Boy Swim Catherine Forde
19/8/06 Complete Body Development with Dumbbells Mark McKown
21/8/06 Triathlon 101 John Mora
5/9/06 Blake Peter Ackroyd
27/9/06 Morvern Callar Alan Warner
23/10/06 Writing Down the Bones Natalie Goldberg
28/10/06 Wild Mind Natalie Goldberg
13/12/06 Wounds of Love Frank Graziano
14/12/06 The Falcon’s Malteser Anthony Horowitz