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2/1/09 Listening to the Light Jim Pym
6/1/09 God is Silence Pierre Lacout
8/1/09 Gravity and Grace Simone Weil
10/1/09 Friendly Bible Study J. & L. Spears
20/1/09 The Quiet Paul Wilson
3/2/09 God of Surprises Gerard W. Hughes
12/3/09 Waiting on God Simone Weil

Choosing Life Joycelin Dawes

Quakerism, Universalism and Spirituality Ralph Hetherington

Quakers and Buddhism: The Cutting Edge Anne Bancroft

The Light Upon the Candlestick Peter Balling

Universal Quakerism Ralph Hetherington

Readings for Universalists Ralph Hetherington

The Meeting Place of the World's Great Faiths Horace Alexander

Christ in a Universe of Faiths John Hick

The Place of Prayer is a Precious Habitation John Nicholson

Sources of Universalism in Quaker Thought Winifred Burdick
31/3/09 Writing as a Way of Healing Louise DeSalvo
31/3/09 Quaker Mysticism Sibley
1/4/09 Waiting and Resting in the True Silence QUF
2/4/09 Authority and Mysticism Sibley and Gilman
2/4/09 The Generous Qur'an Michael Sells
4/4/09 The Discipline of Prayer Frederick J. Tritton
8/4/09 The Universality of Unknowing Rhoda R. Gilman
8/4/09 The Boundaries of our Faith Daniel Seegar
8/4/09 I Have Called You Friends Daniel A. Seegar
9/4/09 Spirit and Trauma Gene Knudsen-Hoffman